dAlliez is in its 10th Year of Land Rentals

With the experience to help your vision become your reality.
150+ Estates having 10 or fewer Rental islands in each.

Customer Service is #1 for your SL enjoyment

Enjoy these benefits with land from dAlliez estates:

  • Full control of your land, in some cases terrain can be changed
  • Premium account not needed!!
  • Land fee is your first weeks tiers.
  • Full Prim and Homestead Sims
  • Additional prims may be purchased as needed
  • We offer you privacy, no chat can be heard from
    island to island. You can Return objects
  • All Sim are standalones
  • You may Terraform/set Audio and Video Media
  • Double Prim Islands available in some estates
  • We accept payment in either PayPal or in L$
  • Free Terraforming, just IM one of our managers